Blogs & Profiles

  1. Chris’ Blog – Simples‏

    Hello “Could I have a word, I’m feeling a bit paranoid, you know, not sure if I’m gonna do it, do you think I can this time?” You can imagine the Daily Newspaper headline… ‘Old lag…

  2. Chris’ blog – Gardeners’ Question Time‏

    Hello Market gardening? Lovely bit of growing, cash cropping, selling straight to the customer, supplying the veg you want, just need to be good at timing… Hmm well, timings not always been my strong point and…

  3. Trainee blog: Sam’s Story

    LandWorks is an independent charity providing a supported route back into the community for current and ex-prisoners.

  4. Chris’s blog: …do oak trees grow (part 2/2)

    This is the second instalment of a special two-part blog – read part one here. “Oi oi oi oi” The face disappears from the window and seconds later Brian bounds into the portacabin. He looks happy,…

  5. Chris’s blog: From little acorns…(part 1/2)

    Once upon a time in the South Hams… 21 years ago, I had a young family and a growing landscaping business. We were on the look out for our first employee, ideally a motivated and experienced…

  6. Chris’s blog: Negative equity

    “Start with I thought LandWorks was weird, proper weird. It’s still a bit odd, Chris.” …he sniffs, scrunching a fag end between his fingers. “You’re a bit posh, I’m more council house me, you like them…

  7. Guest blog: A fork in the road

    ‘When you come to a fork in the road, take it.’
    That’s the mantra of Sue Mahon, LandWorks cook and confidante extraordinaire. She tells us about the journey that brought her to LandWorks.

  8. Guest blog: Why I employed an ex-prisoner

    Local Staverton employer KJ Thulborn has given two LandWorks trainees their first vital step back into employment. Managing Director Kevin Thulborn shares his experiences.

  9. Guest blog: Snakes and Ladders

    Involved with LandWorks from the beginning, Det Sergeant Anya Teakle offers an honest and compelling perspective on rehabilitation from the ‘other side’ of the fence, persuading you to answer some tricky questions.

  10. Sarah’s blog: Update from the Cob Wall, Feb 16

    An update on the land art sculpture being created by the trainees with artist-in-residence Sarah Jane Hodge, and how you can support future projects at LandWorks.

  11. Chris’s blog: The baby cheeses

    As Christmas approaches, Chris is struck once again by the power of faith – and realises the LandWorks library is missing a rather key tome…

  12. Chris’s blog: Wayward lad

    Chat about physical aches and pains is matter-of-course at LandWorks but, as Chris reveals, when it comes to mental health it’s a bit of a conversational dead-end…

  13. Trainees’ blog: Dear Michael Gove

    This week the trainees at LandWorks write an open letter to Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Justice, urging him to come and see how LandWorks supports his ideas about rehabilitation.

  14. Chris’s blog: DIY Bob

    The mobile is indicating a problem: it’s just gone 5am and the number of missed calls and texts suggests a night crisis has happened. Cue Chris Parsons (aka DIY Bob) to the rescue!

  15. Chris’s blog: Proof of the pudding

    During the second Supporters event at LandWorks, Chris is faced with a tricky question from a guest: ‘Your men out here, their crimes I mean, not serious stuff is it?’