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I thought it may be helpful to update you on few things at LandWorks….

  1. The PeN Project is in its seventh year. I think this project is quite unique in that it gives a voice to those caught up in the Criminal Justice System. A voice that is rarely (if ever) heard. The project has now produced over 100 blogs. Here is a recent example from Ben

That’s what I mean, sometimes it takes one good person to actually take five minutes of their time. I saw this thing and I thought it explains it [LandWorks] really well, … imagine this lighter’s like you or me and it works fine and they put it in the bottom of a glass and they tip a bit of water in there, like the stress of life, the abuse, the abandonment of this and that or whatever, take the lighter out of the glass and obviously it doesn’t work, but you bring another lighter over and bang, like you’ve got the spark back. I just thought that was a really good analogy for like sometimes that one person can actually give you a lot of your spark back. I think this place is brilliant for that. 

As I say, it’s really worth looking at, or signing up for regular updates on these unique insights into people’s lived experience.

  1. LandWorks is now in its tenth year. A note for your diary, we are holding an Anniversary supporters’ afternoon to celebrate ten years of achievement on Friday the 14th of July 2pm to 4pm. More information will follow in the coming months, but please do consider yourself invited.


  1. As we are moving into picnic bench season, you may be interested to know that we have just completed an extension to our workshop and are now able to take on much larger orders for all things wood… So please contact us about wood orders large or small.


  1. Daniela is working hard to expand our social media coverage and would be delighted if you could like, share or comment on everything that we post.


  1. Finally, a big thank you to all. We now have regular readership of over 500 dedicated supporters every fortnight. We couldn’t do this without you.

Thank you.


23rd February 2023