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I’ve been wondering for a while how to start this email.

Best keep it simple…

I guess over the last ten years (I will stop going on about it after this email) for me there are three outstanding things.

  1. To be part of something positive in what can often be a negative environment is deeply worthwhile. I have met so many amazing people, whether at the lowest point of their lives on a placement or wanting to support us in the community.
  2. We have always done what we felt to be the right thing to do. Then later discovered that there are existing theories and practices that support our core beliefs.
  3. Above all else we have built something at LandWorks, a physical place, somewhere that people feel safe, something wholesome that people feel, and still feel a part of and very proud of.

This journey over ten years has been captured in a book called Acceptance.

It only costs £10, just covering costs (plus p&p if ordering online).

Acceptance captures and explains LandWorks.

And you may well want to buy several!

A must have read, gift, Christmas present etc.

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20th July 2023